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The WarQuest Team

An overview of the game!

WarQuest Gameplay Summary



Each player is a Warlord who is trying to dominate the land through conquest, acquisition of powerful items, and defeating monsters that plague the land.

At the beginning of the game the Warlord recruits an army made up of any of the 5 main races: Wood Elves, Dwarves, Orcs, Goblins, or Beastmen (Satyrs, Minotaurs, and Centaurs).

Each Warlord has 2 Quest Cards and 2 Conquest Cards. When a Quest or Conquest is completed, the player gets Victory Points (based on the difficulty of the mission), and draws another card of the same type.


On a player’s turn they may perform three actions:

  • Move an army and fight a resulting battle.
  • Buy a Power Card: There are 5 Power Cards available for purchase at all times. These may be Spells, Magic Items, Ownership of a Market in one of the cities of Myrathia, or other Special.
  • Take control of a region currently occupied by your troops.
  • Tax a city under your control
  • Recruit new troops: One of your leaders must be in a region where the race lives (Goblin Lands, Orc Lands, etc.)
  • Recruit a new Lieutenant (in a city only)
  • Complete a Quest: A leader must be in the location of the Quest

Event Deck

At the end of each turn, an event card is drawn from the Event Deck. Typical events are: rebellions, plagues, invasions, goblin hordes, pirates, barbarians, migrations, the dead rising from their graves led by a mysterious wraith-king…pretty apocalyptic stuff.


This is not a static game of conquer and defend: No turtling here. The missions listed on the Quest and Conquest cards require that the players keep their armies moving across the lands, and therefore battles are frequent.

Other Races

Other races may become available to the Warlord with the right item or knowledge (also known as an expansion :-)). These include: Bugbears, Wizards, Ogres, Trolls, Treeherds, Giants, and Dragons.

The Battles

When battles occur, each player deploys troops in two ranks (5 troops each in front and rear) and a reserve (the rest of the troops). Each rank attacks in turn: archers and wizards in the rear rank first, followed by melee bashers in the front rank. As troops fall or flee, replacements move up into their places to fill the line.

Each troop type has a unique attack and defense rating. Attack ratings show the player how many attack dice that unit has, and the defense rating shows how many hits the unit may take before it is eliminated.

Each race has strengths and weaknesses, and some units have special attacks.

Access the right spells and magic items can tip the balance in your favor!


WarQuest brings together the same team that brought you the board game Age of Empires III, Railroad Tycoon the Board Game, and more! This stuff is our passion! We think you’ll see that in the gameplay of this awesome game.

Can’t wait to launch!

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Warquest! Coming to Kickstarter early April 2015.